Who We Are

We are two it-students which are interested in developing webpages and sophisticated algorithms. Read more in the about section.

ASE Crypto Platform

This platform was invented by two students of the master course Advanced Security Engineering. It enables people to share their more or less complex algorithms. Read more in the about section.

Welcome To ASECrypto Platform!

Share Your Cryptographic Algorithms

Our Ideas


Try out your implementation of an algorithm.


Your implementation will be shared to the rest of the world.


You can have a look on others implementations and increase your own skills.

Latest Events

14September, 2014

The first release of our platform is ready now. Check out all features and have fun with the applications which are already online.

12September, 2014

The first application is available to you now. Try out the Extended Euclidean Algorithm.

21April, 2014

We started the development of this platform. Stay tuned and check out new features soon.